Start winter bathing now and get ready for ice bathing in the winter

Kvinna njuter av ett kallt bad i ett Polax Isbad, perfekt för att börja vänja sig vid vinterbadning

Winter bathing is an activity that becomes more popular every year, thanks to its many health benefits and the unique experience of taking an ice bath during the cold months. If you dream of becoming a dedicated winter bather, spring is the perfect time to start your journey. Winter swimming preparations are actually best started in the milder months, when the body can get used to the cold shiver in a gradual and healthy way.

The benefits of starting early - Adapting to the cold

Starting winter swimming in the spring gives your body the opportunity to slowly adjust to the lower temperatures. The water is still cool in the spring, making it an ideal time to begin the adaptation to the cold. The gradual exposure to cold water strengthens your body's temperature regulation and increases your cold tolerance, which is essential for enjoying an ice bath come winter.

Build a routine

Another advantage of starting in the spring is that you have time to build up a steady routine. Winter bathing requires regularity to achieve full benefits, such as improved immunity and increased well-being. By starting early, you can create a solid habit that will be easier to maintain when the cold really starts.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically

Mental preparation is the key to a successful winter bathing experience. Start by setting small, achievable goals for your winter swimming and work your way up. Use the time in the spring to get used to the feeling of cold water and learn to control your breathing. This mental strength will be invaluable when you face the icy baths of winter.

Create the perfect winter bathing experience - Choose the right equipment

Having the right equipment is essential to ensure a comfortable and safe winter swimming experience. At you will find everything you need for your winter swimming, from neoprene suits to swimming caps and shoes that can protect you from the cold. Our focus is on quality products that make your ice bath both safe and enjoyable.

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