15 degree water is cold enough for all the benefits of an ice bath

Kvinna njuter av ett isbad i 15-gradigt vatten, vilket är idealiskt för nybörjare som vill uppleva hälsomässiga fördelar

Are you curious about the trend of ice baths but feel put off by the thought of ice cold water? You're not alone. Many people associate ice baths with extremely low temperatures that can seem prohibitive for beginners. It may come as a surprise, but water up to 15 degrees is actually cold enough to experience all the health benefits that ice baths offer.

In this post, we dive into how a gentler ice bath can be your gateway to a world of improved wellness and health. (also read our blog post on how to get started with winter bathing)

Why 15 Degrees?

At first glance, water at 15 degrees may sound more appealing than the freezing temperatures often associated with ice baths. This temperature is ideal for those who want to get used to winter swimming.

Health Benefits

An ice bath in water at a temperature of around 15 degrees can offer a range of health benefits similar to those at colder temperatures. These include improved circulation, reduced inflammation and a strengthened immune system. It has also been shown that moderate winter swimming can improve mental focus and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Get used to the cold

Starting with 15 degrees helps the body gradually adjust to lower temperatures, which can make the transition to even colder water more manageable over time. This is especially useful for those new to ice baths, as it allows for a gentle introduction.

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